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Collection and reception of milk

The most usual way of collecting the milk is from the isolated farms and from nearby villages.

Our collection vans visit each farm or each village’s collection centers, loads with filled milk cans and return the equal number of empty cans, that are cleaned and sterilized by our dairy.

Collection process happens two times morning and in evening from different collection centers within the same area. Once completing one, they will proceed to next area.

As per our dairy policy, the collecting agents will not wait until the next collection center fill the cans. The loaded vans will be then moved to our dairy processing plant for offloading all the cans for further processing.

So, the micro-organisms in the milk could be kept under control with a minimum of chilling and first hours after milking, the multiplication of bacteria is slow

The collected raw milk has to be pasteurized within maximum of 70 – 90 minutes (from teat – to tank) of time. The pick-up routes are scheduled by our administrative staff.